I’m a digital product designer from Chicago, Illinois, currently living in San Diego, California. I’ve worked as a product designer for SkinIO and a web designer for WSOL before that. I’m currently doing contract and personal work but I’m open to full-time opportunities, especially in San Diego. More information available on my résumé.

My favorite things about my job are empathy, good communication, and intentionality. I’m very interested in the consciousness hacking / positive computing / humane tech movements and projects like Headspace, Pillow, MeetMindful, Productive, and Meetup. I spend a lot of time thinking about wellbeing and how technology can promote it, so I frequently experiment with new ideas in this space and try to share my results.

Outside of design I spend most of my time meditating, taking walks, reading, gardening, and volunteering. I’m a former cinephile but I still love film and try to log everything I watch on Letterboxd.

Thanks for reading! If it sounds like I’d be a good fit for your company or you think we have a lot in common, I’d love to chat. ✌🏻